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Good food and fresh air. 

Study: KABK Den Haag, HS Hannover
Work: ROM Magazin, Bureau Hardy Seiler, edenspiekermann 


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ROM Magazin #2
August—November 2018

ROM is a magazine dealing with topics in the intersection of art, design and digital culture. During Summer 2018 I did an internship at the studios of Sascha Bente and Max Kuwertz assisting graphic design and art direction for their self-initiated magazine (along with Khesrau Behroz). Along with editorial sketches, we drew prototypes for its new website — visit www.rom-mag.com 

Models For Humanity
Exhibition Poster   
April 2018

2018 Last Update

Kapitel Serif is a classified Antiqua. It is based on roman construction and works best in small sizes. Some expressions, such as softened edges are visible in big sizes, reviving the idea of letterpress.

Typedesign, Coding
Europa is a variable font. It is based on the drawings of Caslon’s Italian 1821 and modern interpretations such as Bob Newman’s Zipper released in 1970 or Maelstrom by Kris Sowersby in 2014. Europa is a reverse-contrast font and allows stepless variations in weight.